2014 Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Various, multiform and multidisciplinary, the Seminars and the Workshops included in the program“ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA: Influences and Contemporary Approaches” of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation take place this year with the cooperation of the Department of Theatre Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
In total, six Seminars and two Workshops will be carried out, conducted by six Academic teachers, onsubjects which pertain to global theatre’s major performances and directors, as well as to the pursuit of both common intersections and differences of the Ancient Greek Drama depending on the various theatrical traditions and practices around the world.
The Seminars and the Workshops will be attended by Theater Studies students, students and graduates of Education and Classical Studies, as well as Drama Schools’ graduates and students.
1st Workshop
Friday, September 5, 2014
Hours: 20:00 – 22:00
Instructor/ Workshop’s Supervisor: Dr. Kinneret Noy, Assistant Professor (Scholar – Artist)
Subject: Masks in Ancient Greek and Japanese Noh Theatres  
Greek drama is considered the cradle of western theatre. Interestingly, a comparison of ancient Greek stage language and that of Japanese Noh theatre reveals great similarities that deserve further study. 
In this workshop we will examine the use of masks in both theatrical traditions, linking their function to the respective definitions of identity in each culture, and to the perception of dramatic character. The workshop is part of the 3rd Seminar. Seminar includes the workshop in which we will experience the use of Greek and Japanese masks, applied to short monologues from Greek tragedies and from Noh plays.
2nd Workshop
Monday, September 8, 2014
Hours: 17:30 – 20:30
Instructor/ Workshop’s Supervisor: Emanuella Amichai, Dancer, Director, Choreographer – Associate Teacher/ Employee at the Department of Theatre Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Lecturer – Workshop Conductor)
Subject: From Drama to Performance: Interpreting ancient Greek drama in performance art
This workshop will focus on performance aspects derived from ancient Greek dramas, and on the transformation of classical drama into contemporary performance. During the workshop students will work on scenes drawn from Oedipus, Antigone and The Bacchae, while focusing on various physical aspects of performance, such as: body art, site specific, and performance action. The students will encounter and experience various aspects of transition from actor to performer, from speech to the body as object, from dramatic action to performance action, and from scenography to site specific, among others. The workshop will include practical performance work and critical discussions.