Tragedy 2.0 | Athens 2018

Act: “Establishment and Promotion of International Institutions of Contemporary Culture in Attica”
 Action II: “Ancient Drama: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Art Approaches”
 Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the EU in the framework of
 Regional Operational Programme of “ATTIKA”, 2014-2020
Within the framework of R.O.P. “ATTICA” of NSRF 2014-2020, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation organizes in October 2018 the Programme “ANCIENT DRAMA: INTERDISCIPLINARY AND CROSS-ART APPROACHES”, in collaboration with CONTESTED_CITIES. The programme will take place at the Cultural Centre of the Foundation; it is a continuation, upgrading and enrichment of the project “Ancient Drama: Influences and Modern Approaches”, which was implemented with great success under the NSRF 2007-2013 (ROP “Attica”). This initiative consists of a three-year programme that activates and presents “paradox” synergies of art and sciences with Ancient Drama as a starting point, based on three thematic axes (different per year) conveyed via three specific artistic practices. It inspires a high degree of innovation as it complements and extends the already existing coordinated and rich reflection in relation to the theatrical realization of Ancient Drama and its classic methods of representation. By opening up these concerns and attempting these “paradoxical” synergies of arts and science, it aims to empower and enrich the reception of Ancient Drama through the performing arts in the 21st century. This program fully corresponds to the statutory objectives of the Cacoyannis Foundation and substantially upgrades its educative role. Particularly, innovation in the field of Ancient Drama, is a major challenge corresponding to the work of Michael Cacoyannis and more particularly his direction of the famous Trilogy (Iphigeneia, Women of Troy, and Electra).
 The programme “ANCIENT DRAMA: INTERDISCIPLINARY AND CROSS-ART APPROACHES” elaborates with the establishment of an institution with particular artistic and educational character as part of future plans of the Foundation to promote interdisciplinary research and study of Ancient Drama. It aims to lay the foundations for an international network of communication and dialogue between researchers and artists with different artistic approaches. The exchange of different artistic approaches, theories and practices will, amongst others, contribute to the emergence of Athens as a reference point for the research, study, and practice of Ancient Drama. At the same time, this initiative provides the opportunity to young researchers, artists, creators, and students to broaden their horizons and skills.
 2018  the programme consists of:
  •   Prometheia cross-art performance, by Medea Electronique & Cie Sebastien Perrault, (10th, 11th and 12th of October).
  •  Prometheus 2.0  art exhibition (October 2nd to 18th)
  • The international academic Forum Ancient Drama & Digital Era, (October 6th and 7th).
  •    Scientific seminars and practice-based workshops (October 1st to 7th).