2012 Stanford Summer Theatre - The wandering of Odysseus

  • Seminar

    In the framework of the Act under the title Ancient Greek Drama: “Influences and Contemporary Approaches” for a three – year period (2012 – 2014), co financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Education & Religion Affairs, Culture and Sports as part of the Attica Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in collaboration with Stanford will hold a seminar in early September. It is an 8 –hour, 2 – section seminar, instructed mainly by Rush Rehm (Professor at Stanford University, SST’s Artistic Director) and Katerina Zacharia (Professor at Loyola Marymount University, Coordinator of the program “Ancient Drama: Influences and Contemporary Approaches” in the U.S. for the year 2012) which focuses on the “Ancient Epic Poem Dramatization Approach and Elaboration”. Connie Strayer (costume designer), Jacob Boehme (lighting designer), Taylor Brady (musician –percussions) and others will also instruct the seminar.
    Seminar Subjects:
    Section 1.  Main questions such as what is Homer’s epic poem? What is the relationship between the epic poem and drama (narration, vocalists and bards, Pan-Athenian athletic games, idea – embody and personify, the relationship between speech and narration, the Homeric simile in relation to the tragic dances etc), but also questions about the modern approach in adaptation and dramatization of the Homer’s epic poems will be examined. 
    Section 2. The development of the ways of performance in Homer’s Odyssey for contemporary audiences, as it is seen by different theater specialists and professionals. In particular as this is seen from the director’s perspective, the costume designer’s, the lighting designer’s and the musician’s perspective. With the use of musical instruments, lightings and pictorial sketches, the participants are encouraged to think –beyond the text, or/and through the text- and invent ways for dramatization. At the same time the participants are asked to develop their own ideas for the lighting design, music selection, costumes etc.   
    Seminar hours:  
    6/9/2012,  17:30 – 20:30 
    7/9/2012,  19:30 – 22:30  
    14/9/2012, 12:00 – 14:00
    Drama School graduates and students, as well as Τheatrical, Classical and Pedagogy Studies’ graduates and students are eligible to apply to the seminar and workshops. Priority will be given to Schools and Universities authorized by the state. Since the seminar and workshops will be instructed in English, the applicants should be absolutely fluent in English.  
    The following certificates: 
    Can be send via e-mail at adrama@mcf.gr or applicants can provide them in person at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (206, Piraeus st, Tavros) Monday to Friday 10:00 to 15:00.  
    The Final date for applications for the seminar and workshops is Tuesday July 31st 2012 
    Information: www.mcf.gr, 210 3418579 everyday 10:00 με 14:00 
    The seminar is suited for up to 80 participants (those selected to participate in the workshops are already counted in this number)   
    The workshops are suited for up to 32 participants*.  
    Those selected to attend the seminar and the workshops will be informed via e-mail or by phone about how they will receive the kit with the participation rules, the preparation material and the schedule, while the final list of the participants will be posted at MCF webpage www.mcf.gr on September 3rd. 
    *it is noted that those selected to attend the workshops will automatically be selected to attend the seminar, while they will also be able to attend rehearsals of the play.