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Seminar- Workshops

Seminars / Workshops

Ancient Drama & Political Sciences

13-17 September 2019

Deadline for applications submission: July 12, 2019

Professors, researchers and artists from the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft of the University of Bonn, with Prof.Julia Stenzel as a leaderguide the three thematic units:


–      The Body of the Polis. Dealing with practices and figurations of embodiment, bodily practices and the political, the thematic unit aims at discussing and exploring how historical and contemporary bodily practices have been, are and may be functionalized politically. Beyond strategies of bodily involvement, we will take a closer look at the obduracy of the body and its interferences with other bodies and things.


–      Spaces and Spheres of DemocracyStarting with the notion of Ikesia, this thematic section examines the interactions of time and space in the ancient concepts of asylum and refuge, taking into account recent discussions on migration and shelter, their borders and their violation.


–      Evolution and Progress: Utopias of Community and Society. The idea of “space” is being explored. Space is conceptualized as an architectural and urban element, as a socio-intellectual construction, as a prerequisite for the existence of culture and, of course, as a political space that allows free exchange of views and the creation of political movements.


Seminar/workshops instructors:

  • Julia Stenzel
  • Ilan Bachl
  • Anna M. Pásco Boltà
  • Jörn Etzold
  • Holle Münster
  • Jonas Tinius
  • Oliver Zahn
  • Sarantos Zervoulakos