Athens 2017 - Contested Cities

Performance Credits

Contested Cities_Athens 2017

Conceptualization and Planning of the Project «Ancient Drama & Urbanism»: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in collaboration with the network Contested Cities (Dr. Michael Janoschka and Dr. Georgia Alexandri).

Performance Credits:

Co-creation and Co-direction: María Escobar & Juanfra Rodríguez

Dramaturgy: George Rodosthenous

Scenography: Juanfra Rogríguez

Choreography: María Escobar

Audiovisual and music direction: Rouven Rech

Performing:  Nicoletta Charatzoglou, Vasilis Giannelos, Veronica Iliopoulou, Grigoria Metheniti, Giannis Papaioannou, Angel Perabá,  Maria Psarologou, Vasileios Skarmoutsos

Scenario translation into Greek: Maria Chatziemmanouil

Assistant Director: Marina Annousi
Technical Manager:  Sarantis Zarganis

Stage Manager: Zina Lefkou

Lighting Technician: Dimitris Tsolakis, Manos Tsolakis

Α/V Technician: Dimitris Elenis

Landscape images: Chefer Cúneo y Juanfra Rodríguez

Rehearsals images: Manolo Pavón

Translation link Spain-Leeds-Athens: Georgia Alexandri, Andrés del Caño, Michael Janoschka

The performance scenario was also based on the fieldwork research held by Michael Janoschka and Georgia Alexandri.

Production: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation