Grand Narratives | The Return Athens_2019


The Suppliants by Euripides

Directed by Dimos Avdeliodis

Performances: 12,13,14 September 2019 at 9pm

Free Admission – Reservation is required

210 3418550 & 210 3418579

 Translation: Dimos Avdeliodis

Dramaturgy-Directing: Dimos Avdeliodis

Musical composition: Vangelis Yannakis

Scenograpgy-Costumes: Aristides Patsoglou

Director Assistantance: Katerina Voskopoulou

Acting: Danae Roussou, Artemis Matafia, Georgina Liossi

Live music: Yannis Viliotis & Vasilis Kolovos


Production: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation 2019 


Director’s note


Euripides is using reasonable arguments in this tragedy, to establish the priority of moral values​​that is consistent with the principles of the Democratic regime. 


Democracy was founded by Kleisthenes, immediately after Peisistratus’ tyrannical regime. Solon laid the foundations of this radical political state change, and Pericles was the one who developed it into an ideal regime.


Democracy, besides acknowledging equal rights, entitles every citizen to undertake any office, even the highest one, such this of the General, who is entrusted with everyone’s life, based on meritocracy and independently of one’s social and financial situation.


In order to evaluate/understand the uniqueness of this regime, we will refer to (the core meaning of) Pericles’ Epitaphios Logos, where he is fully aware that there is no greater faith and stronger unifying power in a society, other than when its citizens can enjoy their everyday coexistence, within this moral advantage of Freedom and Will as a creative action for people’s prosperity and mental fulfillment.


Euripides adds and underlines with THE SUPPLIANTS, that the proper function of the regime is not granted and self-evident but it needs a constant, unceasing and thorough support of the inviolable universal values both by the political leaders and the citizens themselves.


The power of Logos and Logic is the invincible tool of Man that can re-activate friends and persuade even those who are considered to be enemies.