2015 University of Arts Helsinki & Aalto University - Antigone Reloaded

The performance is a collaboration of Master of Arts students from the Department of Film, TV & Scenography, School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Aalto ARTS) with students from the Theatre Academy (TeaK) and the Sibelius Academy (SibA) of the University of Arts Helsinki.


The performance studies the question of how to bring an ancient tragedy to contemporary post-dramatic context: what is the relevance and sense of studying and staging Antigone today?

The performance handles the themes of death, excess and the Apollonian Dionysian dichotomy. It studies and combines Sophocle’s text and characters, pop culture imagery, music as an organic part of acting and dramaturgy and ultimately the question of personal or intimate approach to a political subject.  The aim of the rehearsal process is to create a complete and uncompromising artwork through investigation and creative mutual process between different study disciplines.

Direction and dramaturgy: Janne Pellinen (TeaK)

Choreography: Linda Martikainen (TeaK)

Scenography: Annina Nevantaus (Aalto ARTS)

Costume design: Tiina Hauta-aho and Susanna Suurla (Aalto ARTS)

Costume design assistants and special constructions: Samantha Airey, Melissa Svensson (exchange students from Edge Hill University, UK), Riccardo Mainetti (exchange student from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Italy) (Aalto ARTS)

Lighting design: Luca Sirviö (TeaK)

Composer: Albert Lenkiewicz (SibA)

Composer / percussion: Tuomas Kettunen (SibA)

Sound design: Miki Brunou (TeaK)

On stage: Anne-Mari Alaspää, Minerva Kautto, Elias Keränen, Pyry Nikkilä, Pyry Äikää (TeaK)



Production managers: Salli Berghäll and Nina Numminen (TeaK)

Set construction: Juri Lahelma (Aalto ARTS)

Studio Theatre Manager: Ilkka Riihikallio (Media Centre Lume)

Costume realisation: Johanna Ilmarinen (Aalto ARTS) and Kati Mantere (TeaK)

Props: Heli Hyytiä (TeaK)

Audio visual technician: Jyrki Oksaharju (TeaK)