2014 Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Performance members

Emanuella Amichai 
Creator, Director, Choreographer
Emanuella Amichai is a director and choreographer working in the field of dance-theater. Her work incorporates dance/movement, theater and performance elements in a style which is strongly visual as well as physical. Her unique stage language emphasizes both the visual and physical aspects of dance-theater within her own unique stage language.
Amichai’s theater and experimental video works have been performed both in Israel and abroad and have received many national and international awards. Her performance piece The Neighbors Grief is Greener received the 2013 eMIX “quality label” and was one of three international Visual Theatre companies (from among 37) selected for European promotion (eMIX selection committee, Belgium). Amichai was the head artistic producer of the Maabada Theatre (Laboratory Theatre) in Jerusalem, and the head of the Dance department at the Matan Institute for gifted young artists. Emanuella Amichai teaches acting and performance art at the Theatre Studies Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Ran Slavin
Video art director, Sound editor, co-creator
Ran Slavin is contemporary video artist, film maker, and sound composer. His work includes immersive video installation, short- and full-length film, video-sound performance, experimental computer music. He has been shown internationally at various exhibitions and venues, among them: Mediations Biennale /Poland (2012), Manifesta Satellite events /Belgium (2012), Museum on the Seam /Jerusalem (2012), Maerzmusik /Berlin (2011), Videoformes /France (2010), Petah Tikva Art Museum /Israel (2009), Tel Aviv Art Museum (2009), Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art /Belgium (2008), Ars Electronica /Linz (2007), Liverpool Biennial (2006), Rencontres Internationales /Madrid-Berlin-Paris (2006-2012), Torino film festival (2007), Venice Architecture Biennial (2004), Transmediale /Berlin (2003).
Ofer Lachish
Producer – Technical Manager
Ofer Lachish works as a freelance producer in the fields of theatre and video. He is a lighting designer and technical manager for many theatre productions as well as a producer and line producer for independent films and TV productions. He was the chief producer for the Tel Aviv theatre Tmuna, and has worked as a theatre director, assistant director and stage manager in theatres all over the country. Ofer is also lighting and stage technician, a piano and trumpet player, and writes music for theatre.
Gina Ben-David
Actress – Performance Artist
Gina Ben-David is an autodidact in the arts. She is a graduate of performance art workshops led by Tamar Raban and artists from abroad. She participated in the 2009 ensemble performances Old Wives’ Tales, Amplifier, and Remix. From 2008 she has participated in the international ZAZ Festival: Performance Art Platform, and has presented performance-art works at festivals in Israel and abroad.
Shani Ben-Haim
Dancer – Actress
For the last 10 years, Shani Ben-Haim has worked as a dancer and actor. She has participated in dance-theatre projects and has acted in film. She has performed in various national and international festivals and has worked with leading choreographers. Shani also teaches Dance at art schools in Israel. In addition, Shani is an accredited and practicing reflexology therapist.
Yishay Ben Moshe
Actor, Director
Yishay Ben-Moshe is an actor and a director. He graduated the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv and has a B.Ed. in Directing and Teaching Drama from the Seminar  HaKibbutzim. He directed and performed in a Monodrama at the Israel Festival. In recent years he has acted in a wide range of Israeli theatres such as the Khan, Habima, Cameri , Tmuna, and in various theater groups as Rina Yerushalmi’s ensemble. Yishay has also participated in several TV films and in movies.
Meirav Elchadef
Actress – Dancer
Meirav Elchadef was the head dancer of the “Sound and Silence” troupe and participated in independent dance projects in Israel and abroad (including in Vienna and Belgium). She was a dancer and choreographer of the “Toxic Dreams” dance troupe in Vienna. In Israel she participated in the works of Merav Cohen, in the Intimidance Festival, the Gevanim Festival, and at the dance incubator at the Akko Theater. Merav Elchadef won a scholarship for “outstanding dancer” from the French embassy in Israel. She has a B.A in philosophy and literature from Tel Aviv University. She is also a dance and Pilates teacher.
Olga Kourkouline
Athlete – Performer
Olga Kourkouline is a former Israeli High Jump champion. She won the Israeli championship and placed fourth in the world body-building championship, while continuing to work as a performer and personal trainer. She played the role of “Mother Russia” in the 2013 Hollywood production of Kick-Ass 2, alongside Jim Carrey.