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Magenta artistic collaboration participates in the discussion between Stefan Donath & Sebastian Kirsch (Thursday, September 19th, 16.45-17.45), with an intervention-surprise, aiming at bringing unexpected stimuli in the enclosed space.



Magenta artistic collaboration was born from the need to explore the crossroads between visual arts, theatre-performance and media. Magenta’s founding members are Katerina Sotiriou, visual artist/set and costume designer, and Elena Timplalexi, laboratory lecturing staff member at the Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens, researcher and artist. Most of its artworks are materialized in the video art and the performance medium. Theatre becomes both a source of inspiration as well as reaction. Magenta deals with performance and video art as more effective routes to discuss theatricality and performativity rather than bourgeois theatre conventions and even normalized theatrical avant garde.

International Forum

International Forum


Ancient Drama & The Political:

Performance-Philosophy-Political Theory


18-19 September 2019, 15:00-20:30


Free Admission

The Forum explores the question of doing and making politics and aims to contest a­political and anti­political voices that entered the public arena. The mechanisms of social exclusion and transnational migration, new nationalisms and particularism, the reinvigoration of populists and populism, and the invention of alternative facts are discussed. Views of performance theory, political philosophy, and anthropology are confronted and brought into a playfully agonistic interaction.


1st Day: Grand Narratives & the embodiment of the public sphere


The Forum Internationale Wissenschaft of the Bonn University curates Forum’s 1st Day, at the intersection of theoretical thought and creative artistic experiments with Greek tragedy: a series of theoretical debates and controversies, as well as their practical application through the presentation of the work that was produced during the workshops.



2nd Day: The Political and the Ancient Drama as theory/idea/project


Communications and lectures take place with the participation of researchers, professors and artists affiliated at:


  • The European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (Arc-Net)
  • Academic Institutions in Greece and abroad (Department of Communication and Mass Media-University of Athens, Department of Theater Studies-University of Athens, Freie University of Berlin, University of Bochum, University of Exeter)
  • The artistic and research team Magenta (Elena Timblalexi & Katerina Sotiriou)
  • The Arts Council Greece


  • Julia Stenzel, Professor of Religion and Society studies, University of Bonn Jonas Tinius, Anthropologist of art and post-doctoral research fellow, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Richard Seaford, Professor, Classics and Ancient History, University of Exeter
  • Sebastian Kirsch, Theatre scholar, affiliated as a Feodor Lynen research fellow to the Department of German Studies at New York University, USA. Stefan Donath, Theatre Studies, Researcher, affiliated at «Interweaving Performance Cultures» Institute, Freie University of Berlin
  • Jorn Etzold, Professor at the Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Bochum


Professors and researchers of the University of Athens:

  • Platon Mavromoustakos, Professor, Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens & Head of The European Network of Research and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama (ArcNet
  • George Pleios, Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Social Research in Mass Media at the National and Kapodistrian University Athens 
  • Elena Timplalexi, Research and artistic team Magenta, Theatrologist, director and playwright. Laboratory Lecturing Staff member (E.E.P.) at the Department of Communication & Media Studies, University of Athens.
  • Olympia Glykioti, Researcher, PhD in Performing Arts, Department of Theatre Studies-University of Athens
  • Evdokia Delipetrou, Researcher, PhD in Performing Arts, Department of Theatre Studies-University of Athens
  • Eleni Koutsilaiou, Researcher, PhD in Performing Arts, Department of Theatre Studies-University of Athens


  • Alexandros Mistriotis, Artist
  • Ilan Bachl, Artist
  • Anna Pasco Bolta, Artist
  • Holle Münster, Prinzip Gonzo art collective, director, performer
  • Oliver Zahn, Theatre artist
  • Sarantos Zervoulakos, Theatre director

Cultural Policy Experts:

·         Dimitris Yolassis, Cultural Management Consultant – Administration & Program Consultant at MICHAEL CACOYANNIS FOUNDATION

Panayiotis Neufelt, President-Founder, Arts Council Greece