Athens 2017 - Contested Cities

Dramaturgist Note

Τhe  performance d_i_s_P_L_A_C_E_d is based on testimonies, interviews and excerpts from ancient Greek tragedy.

There was a survey conducted in which we studied verbatim material: modern displacement stories, which we then categorized accordingly to personal, professional and emotional content stories. Then we incorporated in these stories motifs and symbols of the ancient tragedy. The viewer will recognize the tragic heroes of Hecuba, Oedipus, Antigoni and Ismini into the modern characters of the performance. At the same time, there were dramaturgic details used from the tragedies of Trojans by Euripides, the Persians, the Eumenides and Iketides by Aeschylus, as well as from the play “Diskolos” by Menandros.

The final text is a script created by the directors Juanfra Rodriguez and Maria Escobar and focuses on everyday moments of immigrants, homeless, prostitutes, and on the conflict between the new and the old generation. The element that unites them is the issue of gentrification in modern cities.

The eight performers (seven Greeks and one Spanish) approach the text and present it on stage using as medium both the dance and the theatre language.