Athens 2017 - Contested Cities

Director’s Note

We were born here, we live here

and I intend to stay here

until Ι close my eyes

Carmen Jiménez


Power is about struggles … it is about the tragedy of human being since the ancient times. The irony of the individual towards the rest of the society. From the origin of the polis until now, is there something that has changed?, have we learned anything? … the only thing that we may know is that the struggle continues.

Through d_i_s_P_L_A_C_E_d, we will approach the stage as a mirror where we stop to look at ourselves, with the same uncertainty towards the future as the classics pose.

All answers are open, as the tragedy itself. This is why theatre exists, precisely for that; to make us put questions to ourselves as individuals through the social act.

d_i_s_P_L_A_C_E_d is a multidisciplinary theatre project, written and directed by Maria Escobar and Juanfra Rodríguez (Spain), on the theme of gentrification and urban displacement, creating a bridge between current urban studies and ancient Greek tragedy. The performance combines contemporary scenic languages: the dramaturgy of George Rodosthenous (UK), extracts of ancient drama, testimonies of urban displacement from fieldwork research by Michael Janoschka and Georgia Alexandri, the body expression as theatrical language, and the physical skills of the actors, the live music, the audiovisual production of Rouven Rech (Germany). Finally, the cast consists of a Spanish  and seven Greek performers.

This way, the performance tackles themes so recurrent in the ancient Greek Tragedy and simultaneously so prevalent today, such as social justice, the feeling of belonging and displacement.