Tragedy 2.0 | Athens 2018

Choreographer’s note

The collaboration with Medea Electronique is an opportunity for me to explore the relationship between the technology and the body, and discover the possible interactions between the two poetic universes.
The musical, dramaturgical and digital universe of Medea Electronique makes me rethink my dance in a way to find an harmony between ta various media proposed and the body.
The choreography that I propose is between balance and imbalance, a work about torsion and opposite directions. My dance is deeply rooted in the ground and at the same time finds its airiness through the animal and feline side that I develop. What I look for from the dancers is to let go of themselves, which –paradoxically- demands absolute self-discipline.
The three dancers do not perform particular identities since they embody at the same time Prometheus, the fire and the human. They pass from one to another, collectively or individually, interacting with the artistic universe of Medea Electronique.
Sébastien Perrault